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This robot is under construction!

AuctionShoppingBot is

1) for people who

  • collect or trade rare/obscure items, and
  • buy and/or sell at auctions on line

2) software that you install on your PC

  • shopping bot
  • database
  • artificial intelligence engine

3) a totally new concept

This is software for people who want the rare stuff -- the stuff that might come up for sale only once or twice a year.

From the on-line auction sites (such as ebay), the Auction Shopping Bot can gather and bring back information on all the obscure, rare items you are interested in, tell you when something rare/obscure is up for sale, and then keep all the information in a database for easy retrieval later.

The Auction Shopping Bot can both save time and give you better information on the market  

What are robots for? Doing the tedious, time consuming work for you! That's AuctionShoppingBot!

robot needs a name

This is software for collectors and traders of really rare stuff.

This bot is for you?  

  • If you are neither a collector nor a trader, then this software is not for you.
  • If you are a collector but only collect the stuff that you can find up for sale at any time, and if you are not interested in getting into the rare stuff, then you do not need the AuctionShoppingBot.
  • If you are a collector but you only collect one single rare item, then you can live without the AuctionShoppingBot. The AuctionShoppingBot can search for, find, and store information on hundreds of rare items every day -- doing this manually would be way too time consuming for a member of the working class to do in his or her “spare time”.
  • This software is for collectors and traders who want access to information without spending hours every day to collect it.  

Is this really new?

The components (shopping bot, database, artificial intelligence) are not new -- as you probably know, databases have been around since the Neolithic epoch.  The combination of these components into a single software product for collectors of rare/obscure items is nothing less than revolutionary!

This robot is under construction!

We expect to release the software to beta testers in the fall of 2003 (this year). Contact us if you want to be among the first! The hardware robot pictured above is also under construction and needs a name -- send your suggestions. The person who first suggests the name that we adopt for the hardware robot will receive a free one year license for the software robot.

Robot Under Construction

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