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This robot is under construction!

AuctionShoppingBot is

1) for people who

  • collect or trade rare/obscure items, and
  • buy and/or sell at auctions on line

2) software that you install on your PC

  • shopping bot
  • database
  • artificial intelligence engine

3) a totally new concept

This is software for people who want the rare stuff -- the stuff that might come up for sale only once or twice a year.

robot needs a name

Hardware Requirements

As far as your PC is concerned, the Auction Shopping Bot is a "database application". Historically, database applications need more horsepower than other typical desktop applications. Pentium II's and up are good, Pentium I's are slow. More memory is always better, but that applies no matter what software you want to run. If you want the bot to download and store pictures, you will need a BIG hard disk -- really big! By BIG, we mean that 80 gigs is a good value at the moment if you will purchase a new drive. Pictures take up a lot of space; we have no control over that.  But hey, real estate has never been so cheap. We recommend Windows XP, but we will be testing the Auction Shopping Bot on prior Windows versions and on Linux in the near future. A fast web connection (i.e., broadband) is good but not essential for data collection, and is essential if you want the bot to download lots of big pictures. You might want to sign up for unlimited internet access, because you might decide you want the Auction Shopping Bot out there searching 24/7. In short, DO try the Auction Shopping Bot on your existing set up, but this may be the killer app that justifies a major hardware upgrade.

Terminology section

The auction shopping bot has artificial intelligence, which enables it to find items on your list, even when there are misspellings in the item title (headline), and even when the description is incomplete. But hey, it is still a dumb robot -- it can mechanically follow your instructions, but cannot really think, and does not have human intelligence. It is up to you to give the robot good instructions on what to look for. The better your instructions to the robot, the better the job the robot can do for you.

This robot is under construction!

We expect to release the software to beta testers in the fall of 2003 (this year). Contact us if you want to be among the first! The hardware robot pictured above is also under construction and needs a name -- send your suggestions. The person who first suggests the name that we adopt for the hardware robot will receive a free one year license for the software robot.

Robot Under Construction

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